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Sometimes Reading The News Blows

Posted in Uncategorized by msdisdain on September 16, 2008

News in Brief.

There was a woman in the eighth floor bathroom obsessed with the sound of her half-cut leopard print stilettos today.  She was very tall.  Half her head stuck up above the stall door. That’s news.  Sometimes the real deal isn’t so fun to read.

There are countries, now, not just people saying things like “Oh no, sorry, it’s a secret” only the secrets involve nuclear warfare and word has it that the secret’s purveyor is coincidentally giving guns to the bad guys.
read this:  Iran ‘sending weapons to Taleban

I have received word that it might be a good idea to start putting money under your mattress.  The Lehman Brothers, doing business since before the civil war, just filed for the largest bankrupcy in oh, say, history. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had too many mortgages in their hand, now, under government control. Analysts calling it the next Depression.  Insurance companies like AIG are about to go broke.  In the tens of billions. Cut off to the hot commodity which is “the lifeblood of business and consumer spending”:  credit. This is only the edge of a steep cliff upon which the u.s. financial economy is sitting with an epic ride in sight and high incidence of crash and burn.  Having money in your hand might just well be better than looking at that credit card when it swipes and saying to yourself, “Oh look, there went money I dont have.”  That nondescript bank may not have the money either.
Read this: Crisis threatens insurance giant

Or this:
Fed Leaves Key Rate Steady as It Worries About Growth

Someone called 911 because their rabbits’ ears were not floppy. The shocking part?  This made international news. Read this :Pet bunny’s ears prompt 999 call

To all the ladies out there with style, grace and babies:  breast feed as long as you can and avoid that powerded milk in that cute pink container made in china.  Why?  Because your baby might be the next among 6,200 poisoned with plastics.  Why did the culprits stick melamine in the powder?  Because it made it appear healthier than it actually is.  Twisted.

Read this: Chinese baby milk toll escalates


Translation Recordings.

Posted in Audio, TRNSL by msdisdain on September 4, 2008

Been busy helping out with the newest release on my homeboy Brian a.k.a. Rogue State (USA)’s drum n bass label Translation Recordings.  Slated for an early October release, TRNSLDIGI002 features the ominous undulations of Ivan Sotirov a.k.a. Thought, hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria.  DJ Bailey dropped Thought’s Protest Songs (TRNSLDIGI002b) into the mix on BBC’s 1xtra show (visit for a clip from that show) and so far this release has received some pretty awesome vibes from around the drumnbass community.  Clips of the release can be heard at Translation’s website (www. or at Translations myspace (  The 320s will be up for purchase and download on Juno, Digital Tunes and the Translation webstore on Oct 3, 2008.


a. Cultigen
b. Protest Songs

Written & Produced by I. Sotirov

Cat. #: TRNSLDIGI002
Release Date: October 3, 2008
Distribution:,, and
Format: .wav & .mp3
Translation Recordings’ second digital-exclusive release featuring the epic and ominous vibes of Thought from Bulgaria. Breaking away from his typically harder-edged and techy sound, Thought delivers a slice of post-apocalyptic bliss, seamlessly blending tribal percussive elements, melancholy strings, cinematic vocals, and his signature pan flute solos. Thought opens “Cultigen” with an eerie melange of orchestral strings, and tribal instrumentation that descends to a militant-kick-sub combination punctuated by congas that maintains the overall candence. Flip to “Protest Songs,'” which is arguably the more melodic of the two, for a similar urgency with rich industrial percussion, layered congas, unforgiving kicks, and haunting cinematic samples driven by a frantic lead that is guaranteed to unleash chaos on the dancefloor.

Massive tunes coming from Thought and from Translation Recordings, check out the website: