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Attention christmas gift givers:

Posted in LOL, Random?, status update by msdisdain on November 30, 2009

Attention christmas gift givers, knitting fans, hipsters and perpetual contrarians:  If you see this at a thrift shop or art gallery, shake your head slowly to display public disdain, smile on the inside, feel slight shame, and then proceed to buy it.

I know I would’ve bought it had I not been in DC super late that night.

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Subphonix 9 November 2009…

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Subphonix 9 November 2009

Team Translation

Posted in Audio, MuSaK, Scene, TRNSL by msdisdain on November 10, 2009

Brought to you by Honolulu’s own (and awesome) photog! Check out: for more pics from some of Honolulu’s better night life!

Hawaii, the haps and Subphonix

Posted in Audio, MuSaK, Scene, travel, TRNSL by msdisdain on November 5, 2009

I’m going to Hawaii the day after tomorrow. I’m excited. So excited to feel the familiar vibe, energy so strong, so brilliant and bewildering on my pores again. As much as I’m happy to venture, I can never stay away. Click your heels three times, Dorothy, and home I am. So if you’re in the area, as in on O’ahu, come and party with me. You can do so this Friday at one of the bestest monthlys Honolulu has to over:

First Fridays and Subphonix, the November09 edition, thrown by the excellent Pacific Jungle crew. Featuring DJs Toki, Zecha, MC Enemy and my very own Rogue State, not only will this nite be filled with awesome DNB, but I’m expecting good company, ultra-good vibes, enlightening bliss and celebratory madness.

See you this Friday:

What Made the 80s

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Saw Michael Jackson’s This Is It last night (pause) a moment of silent for the King (end pause) and broke out all the gold from the treasure chest, songs from the Jackson 5, more from the late 80s & early 90s like We’ve Got a Good Thing Going and Lady in My Life . So much has been sampled from Michael Jackson be it in beats or in dance, and for some reason, while off topic and on a distant tangent, as usual, we came across this clip from Breakin’ and decided that this is why living in the 80s was bomb-tastic:

And of course, we had to add the rebuttal:

Vanity Fail

Posted in LOL, Random? by msdisdain on November 2, 2009

Spotted in the parking lot of Ballston Mall in Arlington, Virginia, this beat up  POS-car (link) has a vanity plate screaming “I’m the DJ’ and I need to stop pretending I’m making that music all by myself.”