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My DC Metro Read: Eddie Went!

Posted in News by msdisdain on December 9, 2009

My morning reads on the metro are pretty uneventful and usually only last about 12-14 minutes during my commute to work in NW. I use Express, a daily put out by the Washington Post specifically for metro riders, to catch up on my news, to scoff at ridiculous headlines, and I have a tendency to use it to block the idiot standing right next to me. But on this particular day, while using my paper to block an unusually unattractive woman right up in my bubble, I turned to this and was pleasantly surprised to find the following photo:

I proceeded to laugh a sort of haughty laugh since this, afterall, is my home, and masking my real desire to get out of dodge and ditch the city (also known as homesickness), I folded up the paper nudged chubs aside and exited out of the metrorail car and into the foot traffic of northwest DC, forgetting momentarily about one home while immersed in another.  But I saved the newspaper and taped this photo onto my wall, and I went home that afternoon and watched the  Quicksilver Eddie Aikau competition live for four hours.  I’m sure I know where my heart is.


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