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Posted in LOL, News by msdisdain on January 28, 2010

Now, I figured that if I were to blog THAT much about the Apple iPad (giggle), I ought to cross party lines from technology to politics and make a short mention.  I was satisfied with the President’s State of The Union address.  What else were you expecting?  He covered the talking points I had hoped for (jobs, economy, justification of the bailout, need for banks to be regulated to pay the American citizens back, education, health care, American innovation, the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, the budget deficit and the lack of governmental trust) played each party against one another with each talking point to encourage bipartisan agreement, support and concessions (speaking on national security and war back to back civil rights) stayed away from the ones that were too much of a hot-button item (Afghanistan) and is going to do what so many political analysts predicted he would have to do shortly after being elected:  firmly plant himself in the middle ground between partisan extremes to push for necessary reforms that, as he said, can’t wait.

No really, that wasn’t rhetoric, some of these domestic reforms can’t wait.  I’m sure there were a range of disappointments on either side of party lines, and if you feel that way, may I encourage you to read this New York Times op-ed entitled The God That Fails by David Brooks to give you a clearer picture of the need for and reality of individual accountability.  His job last night was to restore faith and reinvigorate hopes and considering the stinkhole he both inherited and had trouble tackling, I think he did fine.  I also really appreciate that Mr. Obama took responsibility for the shortfalls of healthcare reform instead of the normal pass the buck or finger pointing rituals that blanket Congress.  His most notable quotes to me included, “The best anti-poverty tool is a world-class education” alongside his point about his mission to change the dialogue of politics.  “Saying ‘no’ to everything is not leadership.”  “Unity in diversity,” how novel.  Really.

What was entertaining (and strange) to me was watching everyone stand up and sit down just to get an idea of the range of support he either has or hasn’t.  It’s like watching a football game  it’s loud applause or complete cold-stare silence instead of a pass interception and fumbles.  This furthers my suspicions that politics is, indeed, a game.  In light of that, thank you Mr. President, that was a pep talk the countery needed regardless of your side of the aisle.  Both parties needed it, because of all of the, for lack of a better word, bullshit.  I appreciate the irony, the sarcasm and the well-crafted rhetoric.

Check out this awesome article on the breakdown of the State of The Union:
Analyzing the Address from the New York Times.

Also, the day after the State of the Union, Mr. Obama attended the House Republican Retreat.  If you thought the State of the Union wasn’t at all aggressive enough, have at the transcript from this speech: Obama At House Republican Retreat In Baltimore: FULL VIDEO, TEXT

SOTU Funnies

Equally enterntaining were some the commentary from viewers.  There were a couple of SOTU drinking games circling about like HuffPost Comedy’s State Of The Union Drinking Game 2010 and the following are some anonymous facebook updates, which cracked me up:

Update: “claping like a seal, two sips.”
Response1: “adjusting tie like a seal, three sips”
Response2:  “janet napolitano claps like a cymbal-banging monkey”
Response3: “Where’s the McCain cam?
Response4: “tee hee”
Respoinse5: “peter orszag claps like some thing that is just learning how to clap for the first time in that thing’s species”
Response6: “did one of the supreme court justices have a hissy fit?”

Even funnier:

Caption: ” the administration is tired of partisan politics. so, so tired.  (or is this just janet napolitano being pleasured by rahm emanuel (who is being simultaneously pleasured by valerie jarrett)? we report, you decide.”

And since Obama did point out that he inherited much of the problems (wars, deficit, general crap all around) let us reflect on a LOL:

The Response

And then of course, we have the Republican response, given by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell from Richmond, Virginia.  Tell me what is wrong with this picture (and I’ve received a multitude of comments already):


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  1. Mariella Husser said, on February 9, 2010 at 9:32 PM

    Normally, I’m not awfully keen on politics on the whole – however, at times all of us have to take notice. There are a few excellent arguments debated here, and I am taking notice – I am grateful to you.

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