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Feb 27, 2010: State of Hawaii Tsunami Warning Day

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Hawaii & The Pacific Currently Under Tsunami Warning

A devastating earthquake hit Chile yesterday, February 26, 2010 killing an estimated 122 people.  The quake, measuring at 8.8 magnitude, triggered a tsunami wave that put parts of the Pacific including Hawaii, American Samoa and Guam under warning with waves estimated to hit at 1119 Pacific standard time Saturday, February 27, 2010 on the shores of Hilo Bay.  Scientists have recorded the wave passing through the Galapagos, French Polynesia and most recently the Marquesas Islands, where it measured close to 1.9 meters.  Honolulu is most likely to be least affected; however a close watch is being kept on Hilo on island of Hawai’i, where a tsunami triggered also by an earthquake measuring 9.5 in magnitude in 1960 killed over 50 people. All coastal areas of each island are under warning, roads in the inundation zone will be closed beginning 10AM PST.  The Governor issued a statement this morning declaring a state of emergency in anticipation of what Hawaii may face due to an issue regarding closing sewage pumping stations among other possible infrastructure problems.  Acting Honolulu Mayor has asked folks to limit water, electricity and phone use as well as limiting discretionary cartrips to give emergency personnel freer-flowing abilities to reach any affected areas.  Also keep in mind that if you cannot evacuate to higher ground, evacuate vertically (above the third floor).  Coastal areas have been evacuated as of 933AM and everyone appears to be sitting tight and waiting.

Tsunami is Hawai’i’s #1 natural disaster killer because there is generally a low level of public understanding of destructive potential.  The groups at the highest risks are surfers, spectators and boaters; a lot of uninformed surfers think this is a perfect time to catch a wave.  Tsunami waves are not surfable waves; they are more like quick and sharp tidal shifts bringing a river of water and all accompanying debris inland at various but dangerous speeds for pedestrians.  Surges last between three to five minutes.  The waters begin to recede and the process repeats itself for a series of potentially devastating tidal surges.  The waves, roughly 20 minutes apart, could continue through the afternoon, and forecasters are looking at a wave of potentially six feet in height.  But what does that mean if you were in Hilo Bay?  The sea level rapidly rises in a flash flood effect; the waves can be full of debris that can be more damaging than the water itself.  A two to three foot wave can easily knock someone off his/her feet and carry debris.  Tsunami waves come from a line source (a fault) with a series of parallel waves that conserve their energy across the entire Pacific basin.  One part of it will be very large, and Hawaii is on the edge of it.  Thanks, Dr. Becker.  The sirens are going off again.

News Coverage of the Tsunami Warning:

***For friends and family away from the 808:***

Stay up to date without clogging the phone lines by watching livestreams of Hawaii news at:

While nothing epically dangerous is likely to happen, especially in the highest-populated areas of Honolulu, two things protect the importance of civil defense and emergency preparedness:  1)  the state of Hawai’i, like any area under a state of emergency, is under tight scrutiny from national and international audiences in light of increased natural disasters and former failures in system wide emergency preparedness.  Now a hot topic and economic trend, emergency preparedness has within its own markets quite a competition in light of these increased dangers and unchecked systems.  Hawai’i has the expectation despite the angst to implement a system-wide emergency prepardness test in light of a very real natural disaster with an unpredictable outcome.

2)  The second is a lot simpler.  There isn’t the need to mess with Mother Earth.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, friends.  This is a great time for the state to test a system, whose advances in technology since the last disaster have increased exponentially.  One would hope the larger population would agree to listen to authorities, get safe and chill out for the day if not for the natural disaster, for our ability to test a system that hasn’t been tested since the 1960s.  What hit American Samoa in recent past resulted from a lack of emergency preparedness.  We have an obligation to our people to handle situations as best as known possible and as systematically as possible.  We are hooking our future self up in light of the facts that natural disasters have increased and increased in intensity.  Our new age human will have to understand the mechanisms of accountability in safety and self-awareness.  We live in different times.  And while my uncle will probably be right in saying “nothing or nobody will stop me from my day” before leaving to go god-knows-where to carry on with business as usual, I can’t help but ask that everyone be safe just in case…and throw a tsunami party with your emergency grum and liquers!

February 27, 2010


  • 145PST Tsunami warning canceled and roads are beginning to open…
  • I am amazed at my ability to “monitor the situation” via web technology & social media.  So different from recent times past!  Regardless of the size of this thing, it’s quite an awesome adventure to witness from 5,000 some odd miles away!  Thanks to all the friends and local media outlets who have kept us updated via the web, facebook and twitter!  Keeping all of the kama’aina transplants at ease and proud of the emergency preparedness (or pissed because it was blown out of proportion) of our Hawai’i Nei.
  • 1211PM PST  The Alawai is surging, eww!
  • 1206PM PST Waters have begun receding and surging off the coasts of Hilo, O’ahu and Maui.  It is currently moving up the island chain and has reached Barber’s Point, O’ahu by now.  The arrival times are about right and the wave heights are about expected.  We just heard it’s at one meter in Kahului Harbor right now paralleling Hilo’s first surge.  Resonant harbors receive larger waves than usual.  Hilo, Kahului, Hale’iwa and Hanalei are types of resonant bays across the island change and are reporting as predicted.  Obviously, no damage at this point.  Things are changing minute by minute.  The surges appear to be gaining power and lasting longer indicating the start of the tsunami event.
  • 1158PM PST   Hilo Bay waters receding!  The levels are rising.  That bridge is 10ft tall.


Neuter your Tiger

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[courtesy TMZ]
PETA took no time to show that all material is fair game in the ad campaign. 
Like Bob Barker said, have your pets spayed and neutered. 

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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Happy Lunar New Year!

February 14 , 2010 [western date]

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Year of the Tiger

Snowmageddon 2010: The AFTER-Aftermath

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It is the first day back to work in over a week thanks to our friend The Snowmageddon (including Part Two).  I like many others have an indescribable excitement to be back.  This is probably due to my need for socialization as I have been cooped up in my apartment for the better part of the last 168 hours (save for the minor trips to the park and grocery store for blog writing purposes).  As it stands, The Federal Government is operating today but under a delayed arrival.  This means that it is completely understandable that my normally 20 min. commute to work today took an hour and fifteen minutes.  The office is “same ole same ole” but it was such new appeal to it.  I wanted to hug my coworkers like I hadn’t seen them in ages and appreciated (to a certain extent) the normal hustle and bustle of being back to work in NW DC.  That being said, it’s Friday and there is a substantial amount of work to do before taking holiday.  Partnered with a substantial amount of giddiness, I’m not sure how type-A productive this day will be, but it’s good to be back nonetheless.

Found this vid circulating through the DMV area social media sites – time lapsed photography of the Snowmageddon for your viewing pleasure:

Also in the NEWS, a metro train derailment took place this morning at 1013AM on the Red line near Farragut North.  No one was killed or injured.  See: Metro Train Derailment Near Farragut North Station

The White House ( put out an awesome video of the Snowmageddon as well:


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Hold Up, Another Snow Storm???

The Chronicles of Snoverkill 2010

11 February 2010

  • 704PM  OPM called it – we are going back to work tomorrow, woo hoo!  But, under no circumstances are we to rush:
  • 527PM  Found this – street snowboarding in Georgetown courtesy Snowmageddon/Snoverkill =]
  • 223PM  While this blog is about to become history seeing as the #snoverkill snow storm has come with a bang and gone with a whimper (and some wind), I lament but only briefly because I saw this: Say It Ain’t Snow! More East Coast Snow Expected via NPR. The National Weather Service is currently watching some weather set to approach on Monday with potential to bring accumulating snow back to the DMV.  Seriously?????????
  • 219PM  It’s a beautiful day out.  I woke up to sun blazing through my window shades, partially-cleared roads (I could hear snow plows and trucks in reverse gear beep-beep-beep all night) and a fierce ugly wind wafting its way through the street corridors.  People are out and about and because tomorrow is most definitely NOT a snow day, we all seem to be having this carpe-diem super-sunday mentality.  In other words, LET’S BOOGIE!  Current conditions:  39ºF out with a healthy breeze and melting snow.

10 February 2010

  • 654  OPM called it:
  • 603PM  The nightly OPM watch has begun.
  • 540PM DC Grocery Store Open, But Nobody Working via
    WASHINGTON (AP) Some northwest Washington residents resorted to the honor system during the snow storm when they found a Safeway grocery store with the doors open — but no employees.
  • 3PM  Pic of the Day

  • 140PM  Watch the vid.  It’s pretty self-explanatory:
  • Accompanying photos of the neighborhood under wind, snow, snow drifts and more wind:

    (L) Car? What car? (R) Burial of the corner stop sign (continued)

    (L) Why, who is that, a rogue traveler come from afar? (R) No, it’s just a dude skiing down our street

  • 1248PM  Latest update:  Heavy snow, winds exceeding 40MPH, whiteout conditions, blizzard warning extended through 7PM EST, major flight cancellations throughout all three major airports; Dulles (IAD) closed for the next 24 hours. 3”-6” with 4-8ft snowdrifts. Check: The Capital Weather Gang
  • Path of the SNOVERKILL Snow Storm:

    (L) 1219PM (R) 411PM

    • 1205PM  SNOWMAGEDDON 2010 aka The storm of the century now has t-shirt paraphernalia:

    This tee , brought to you by One Vs Many, a DC based creative agency was posted on .  This souvenir/survivor-man trophy can be yours for $24, a portion of which goes to SOME (So Others Might Eat), a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing and health care services to the impoverished.

    • 820AM  When the snow stopped last night, I’m sure everyone questioned the futility of another cabin fever-inducing economic loss of a snow day, but this morning, I awoke to this and HOLY COW IS THIS A STORM!!!  In the vid, I’m so stunned that all I can seem to do is look both ways, like I’m about to cross a street…and say WOW a lot.

    9 February 2010

    • 1010PM Snow is coming down consistently; sticky and accumulating; there is a layer of fresh white on the roads with temperatures in the upper 20s meaning freezing time!

    • 650PM
    • 631PM  100 million people getting snow:  Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Washington D.C., Boston.  These are “storms for the record books.”
    • 622PM  More than enough snow on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard; not enough snow in Vancouver, BC.  WintergamesFAIL
    • 550PM

    “ABC7 braved the rugged streets of Clarendon to interview us on cabin fever and subsequently quoted us out of context in this breaking story…”

    What the reporter said was if she could interview us on cabin fever.  What she didn’t say was that the two of us would be her feature on a piece about depression.  Talk about quoted out of context, the reporter associated seasonal affective disorder, depression and cabin fever with my pseudo serious desire to go back to work.  I, as a result, look incredibly depressed and impatient when in actuality, we spent most of the time laughing.  What they didn’t mention was that all they asked my bf and I were:  if we had cabin fever, if we were sick of eachother, if we wanted to go back to work, what the weirdest thing we did over the snow days was (to which I replied this blog) and what items we bought from Walgreens. I said we bought dish-washing soap.  I said that I was looking forward to going back to work.  But beware, ladies and gentlemen, lethargy and cabin fever after being stuck inside for six days could mean that you too suffer from depression.  Depression caused by snowstorm.  Nevermind the bestest part where when asked if we were “sick of eachother,” my response was…”HAHAHAHA……..<pause>……… Naaawwwww he’s cool.”  Glad we could be a part of your filler material, ABC7, a bit of a downer that your filler material used baseless quotes out of context to make residents look especially peeved and borderline depressed.  Maybe it was those bags under my eyes from the no sleep I’ve been getting since I get to stay up all night on snow days?  Maybe she said “damn I need someone to interview, that girl looks bombed out and depleted, let’s interview her!”  Good investigative journalism.  THANKS NATASHA BARRETT, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

    (But in all honesty, if you are feeling the blues, don’t jump to a hasty conclusion:  that you’re depressed.  Chances are almost all of us are going stir crazy.  It’s human.  We aren’t meant for this type of hibernation.  Jjust remember that you’ve been locked up in your house for the better part of one week.  Stuck.  In a shoe box!  Put some perspective on it and read a book.  Don’t trip out, be safe, enjoy and catch up on all the time you spent wishing you had during the every day rigamarole.)

    • Dopplar images:  (L) 515PM  (R) 720PM

    • 533PM  Fun Facts et al.:

    40,000 tons of road salt from Mexico and Chile brought on for the storms.  One store sold 1600 shovels in a half day.  Many home improvement stores open until 9PM tonight.  On the road, snow is falling, slick conditions, Governor has asked folks to stay off of the roads.

    • 520PM  Two storms merging?  Snow bands and thunderstorms?  Really???

    • 420PM  The snow has started…
    • 315PM  The storm size got bigger just like that!  I need to do more research on storms ripping through the Mid-Atlantic.  In other news, no snow yet.
    • 230PM  I just made an embarassment of myself when interviewed by channel seven news after leaving Walgreens.  When asked what we bought, I said “dish-washing soap.”  I DID mention in response to the question ‘What have you been doing?’ that I wrote a blog on the storm.  We tried to push the URL, but she said it wouldn’t make it in the interview anyway.  She asked us twice if we had cabin fever and if we were getting sick of each other and quite frankly, we lied through our teeth when we said we got ALL of the chores done.  We only did some of them.  I’m preparing for shame on the 5 o’clock news.

    (By the way, lady, you had a LOT of makeup on.)

    • 951AM (L)  315PM (R)

    8 February 2010

    the second this year and third in the Obama Administration, alongside a National Weather Service winter storm warning in effect from noon on Tuesday, 2/9/10 until 7PM EST Wednesday, 2/10/10 with estimated snowfall sitting between 10 and 20 inches.

    [water vapor satellite image taken 8 February 2010]

    The first we called Snowpocalypse (Christmas, 2009), the second, Snowmageddon, what are we going to call the third, snOMG-I’m-Tired-Of-This-Crap ???

    • Update:  1006PM – This next storm is called #snoverkill , a top trending topic on Twitter for the DMV area.

    Snowmageddon: The Aftermath

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    Snowmageddon:  The Aftermath



      There is no doubt that this weekend’s blizzard was the worst of its kind to hit the DMV area in quite some time.  With parts of Maryland and Virginia reporting more than three feet of snowfall, the area is now under pressure to clean up, and clean up fast.  In my neighborhood, semis lined up in the intersection waiting for a bulldozer to push and load thousands of pounds of…water:

      Despite the transportation lockdown that three feet of snow brought to an area that cringes at the thought of six inches, the neighborhood was fairly busy this afternoon.  My hypothesis is that if you live anywhere in the near vicinity of a shopping center, department/drug store and/or libation locales (also known as bars), your roads were cleared first.  I missed a few quality pics today which would have perfectly illustrated the insistent (and almost stupid) need to shop, and in retrospect missing those pics bummed me out mostly because the stupid would have spoken for itself.  The first was of my favorite model of car, a white BMW M3, whose driver, after revving his engine a few times unclear of how to drive a light low-riding car in the snow, got himself stuck in  a small embankment of snow while crossing the intersection (of a non-plowed road).  The other was a packed house at the Apple Store filled with geniuses and their life-sized cardboard cutouts. (below:  the snow pile is taller than I am!)

      What pics I did catch are a bit telling of how apeshit everyone went before this storm.  Having thankfully gone to the grocery store a few days prior to the snowstorm, I only heard about the mad rush to the grocery stores from friends who waited hours in line after picking remnants from ransacked shelves (mostly bread, chips, sandwich meats – part storm fear part superbowl party).  Here we are, the day after.  I figured most replenishment shipments hadn’t made it to the store because of oh, you know, the two plus feet of accumulated snow.  Despite that, we decided to venture afoot into the great outdoors to see what incidentals we could grab.  This is what we found:

      Whole Foods had been depleted.  So much so that another person (with a much higher quality professional camera) catalogued the empty shelves with me.  I wonder where his pictures will show up.  Did you see the shelf where only two dead and deformed bananas claimed last men standing?  The store wasn’t as crowded, and with wagons filled with snow, people were forced to baskets, which made aisle arteries much less clogged.  The produce, meat and bread sections were completely hollowed out as were the sandwich meats, chips, pasta and pasta sauce.  On our way out, we asked the cashier how it had been prior to Friday’s storm.  She told us it was pandemonium. “It was like armageddon was coming and everyone needed to buy food, she said.   “It was totally crazy.”

      The neighborhood park, whose locale I used in watching and measuring the snowfall in my previous blog, Snowmageddon 2010 , was buried under at least two feet of snow with about six inches of it packed in and frozen into a thick sheet of ice.  The ground was level with the benches:

      Here’s my  neighborhood pic of the day (I like it that the sidewalks are cleared when the roads, on the other hand, clearly are not):


      More News:

      NASA recently published satellite photos of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard during the snow storm.  Even from space, it was a winter wonderland!  (Photo taken from: Heavy Snow around U.S. Capital )


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      Steph’s Log to Snowmageddon 2010

      For my mom and because this island girl ‘aint never seen so much snow in her life!


      NOAA’s National Weather Service has issued a winterstorm warning for the mid-atlantic seaboard predicting blizzard-like conditions and a storm that may likely bring 20 inches to the DMV area. This storm has also become the center of media focus with many meteorologists calling it much like NPR did: Paralyzing. Sensastionalist, yes. If you’re a wimp like me, you may come across a bit of hate from friends or colleagues boasting origins in the mid-west (Chicago, namely, and maybe Ann Arbor, Michigan) and the thickest skin in America because this storm is nothing short of a drizzle by mid-west standards. Thanks a lot guys, this is nothing and we are wimps, you’re right, but in light of that, a (second) storm like this is a bit out of the ordinary, and in my defense, it’s not so much the elements I’m most afraid of as it is the scrambling of people. It doesn’t help that the media’s fear of this storm is greater than my very own, but alas, like a zombie (yessuh), I made sure to follow what the talking box told me to do and take emergency precaution. Such precautions consisted mostly of making sure I had enough grub to avoid having to move for the next couple of days. (As if I would be moving a whole lot anyway; it’s Friday). Aside from my cat-killing curiosity to go to the grocery store just to observe the spectacle of frenzied idiots with fear in their eyes walk-running and ransacking the produce and grain aisles, I have no other desire to be anywhere near other people be it on the road or in the stores because of the mad rush before the storm. Check this out: Click Click: Welcome to the Grocery Store Thunderdome . So yeah, I’ll count on staying in. And maybe playing video games or watching movies. But then again, how is this different from any other Friday? Oh, that’s right. We have an excuse now: A PARALYZING BLIZZARD RIPPING THROUGH THE REGION! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Ok, moving on… (Special thanks to Mother Nature for being our collective scapegoat to lethargy).

      5 February 2010

      • 1030AM: LOG BEGINS
      • 1031AM: it has officially started snowing. Three firetrucks arrive downstairs. Curious. Should I be worried?
      • 1116AM: forgot about fire trucks. they came and they went. to gold’s gym. Snow is light, not sticky.
      • 1222PM: Twitter hashtags gaining popularity:#snOMG , #snowpocalypse2 and more recently my personal favorite: #snowmageddon . Snow is heavier now; still not especially sticky.
      • 1244PM: Blog article comes out on popular DC hashtags for the snowstorm: The Second #snOMG Cometh – DC’s Best Snowtags current temperature: 34ºF
      • As of 105PM:
      • 134PM National Weather Service estimates 30” of snow, ten more inches than predicted. Tonight – 16-22” possible; Tomorrow – 5-9” possible.
      • 154PM i just ate myself stupid. in other news, rumors purport a snowball fight with an estimated 2000 people “rsvp”ed to take place in DC you know, if there’s enough snow. (snowball fight similar to the last blizzard of 2009 in which an off duty 5-0 brandished a gun after getting pelted: see Eyewitness Confirms: D.C. Cop Freaks Out Over Snowball Fight–Brandishes Gun).
      • 315PM snow resembling sticky; much heavier, flakes fluffier. current temperature 33ºF. status: deep in ps3. brb.
      • As of 319PM:
      • 433PM

      Photo of the Day:

      • 436PM

      • 437PM #snowtoriousbig
      • 622PM Daaaammmnnn, it’s getting nasty out. The winds have picked up and the snow is coming down pretty heavily right now. It’s already after dark and the neighborhood is a ghost town (except, of course, for the bars). Gusts tonight up to 37MPH. Not pretty at all.
      • As of 624PM:


      1. “Official DuPont Circle Snowball Fight” Saturday, 2/6/10 2PM EST, DuPont Circle, 2000 estimated attendees
      2. “No Guns This Time, MPDC” snowball fight Saturday, 2/6/10 noon EST at The Ellipse (near the White House)
      3. “Snowpacalypse II: Snowball Fight & Snow Kickball” Saturday, 2/6/10 from 3PM – midnite EST, Smithsonian Metro Station, Washington Mall
      4. “Snowball Fight of 2010” sponsored by CarbonfreeDC, Saturday, 2/6/10 1PM EST, 236 R St. NW (at the field one block south; take New York Avenue Metro)
      5. The “Columbia Heights Snowball Fight , Saturday, 2/6/10 2PM EST, Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park (16th and Euclid streets NW)
      6. And another snowball fight on The National Mall, Saturday, 2/6/10 3PM, EST, 4th Street NW& Madison Drive
      • As of 819PM:
      • 827PM There’s a dude downstairs building a snowman; it has accumulated that much!
      • 930PM:
      • 937PM Neighborhoods are fun in the snow!

      6 February 2010

      • 8AM:
      • 810AM Stroll to the same park:

      (L) That’s snow up to my knees! (R) That’s my usual bench! (Where I sit, drinking a latte and people watch at the neighborhood dog park. I’m more entertained by the people, I tell you)

      • 817AM: Dogs and dogowners are always the first out enjoying the snow:

      • 820AM Then (930PM) and Now (8AM): That poor car parked in the snow

      • 822AM Then and Now: the burial of the corner stop sign:

      • 827AM Lots and lots of snow! Main thoroughfare of my neighborhood:
      • 830AM Because the sidewalks are not plowed, pedestrians walk on the road (also not plowed but not as bad). I almost got hit by a red mini-cooper while crossing the street (I didn’t realize one could drive a mini with snow levels covering nearly half its tires) and also by a snowplow, who was on the sidewalk and began reversing his truck right into me. Charming.
      • As of 837AM:
      • As of 1201PM:
      • 1217PM Holy snowstorm!  Here, a view from my window: 
      • 134PM  I hear tell folks brought out their equipment and were skiing around DuPont Circle in the snow.  In my neighborhood, while it wasn’t as flashy as a, oh, say 1000 person snowball fight, people did take advantage of a faux Winter Wonderland.  I saw one person ski by, and while I was out surveying the neighborhood park, this lady came walking by sporting her cool equipment (while pretending to be out in the boonies, she trekked through the snow and emerged near Barnes and Noble):
      • 137PM  Dogs and dog owners, like I said, probably had the most fun out there today.  This pup is a staple figure in the neighborhood dog community mostly because he reminds me of Beethoven.  His owner must have landed lots of ladies thanks to him:

      Below, the canine community snowpocalpyse meet-and-greet:

      • As of 213PM:

      • 237PM Rumors have it and some pics confirm, 1000 people showed up for the DuPont snowball fight.

      Video from the DuPont Circle Snowball Fight can be found via the Washington Post at: Ready, aim, fire! Twitter snowball fight quote of the day:  “Went to the dc snowball fight in dupont…have a fat lip from getting hit in the face.”
      (Photos from @evbr)

    • 326PM A survey of the snow with my familiar landmarks:
    • Before (8AM) and after (330PM):  That poor car parked in the snow

      Before & After:  Burial of the corner stop sign

      • 330:  More photos of the neighborhood under the snowpocalypse!

      • 333PM More photos of the neighborhood under a very thick blanket of snow:

      • 537PM And like a storm, as fast as it came, away it went:

      • As of 832PM  Bon voyage, Monsieur Snowstorm, it’s been real! Tomorrow’s sunny aftermath ought to be interesting: