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Snowmageddon: The Aftermath

Posted in News, status update by msdisdain on February 8, 2010

Snowmageddon:  The Aftermath



    There is no doubt that this weekend’s blizzard was the worst of its kind to hit the DMV area in quite some time.  With parts of Maryland and Virginia reporting more than three feet of snowfall, the area is now under pressure to clean up, and clean up fast.  In my neighborhood, semis lined up in the intersection waiting for a bulldozer to push and load thousands of pounds of…water:

    Despite the transportation lockdown that three feet of snow brought to an area that cringes at the thought of six inches, the neighborhood was fairly busy this afternoon.  My hypothesis is that if you live anywhere in the near vicinity of a shopping center, department/drug store and/or libation locales (also known as bars), your roads were cleared first.  I missed a few quality pics today which would have perfectly illustrated the insistent (and almost stupid) need to shop, and in retrospect missing those pics bummed me out mostly because the stupid would have spoken for itself.  The first was of my favorite model of car, a white BMW M3, whose driver, after revving his engine a few times unclear of how to drive a light low-riding car in the snow, got himself stuck in  a small embankment of snow while crossing the intersection (of a non-plowed road).  The other was a packed house at the Apple Store filled with geniuses and their life-sized cardboard cutouts. (below:  the snow pile is taller than I am!)

    What pics I did catch are a bit telling of how apeshit everyone went before this storm.  Having thankfully gone to the grocery store a few days prior to the snowstorm, I only heard about the mad rush to the grocery stores from friends who waited hours in line after picking remnants from ransacked shelves (mostly bread, chips, sandwich meats – part storm fear part superbowl party).  Here we are, the day after.  I figured most replenishment shipments hadn’t made it to the store because of oh, you know, the two plus feet of accumulated snow.  Despite that, we decided to venture afoot into the great outdoors to see what incidentals we could grab.  This is what we found:

    Whole Foods had been depleted.  So much so that another person (with a much higher quality professional camera) catalogued the empty shelves with me.  I wonder where his pictures will show up.  Did you see the shelf where only two dead and deformed bananas claimed last men standing?  The store wasn’t as crowded, and with wagons filled with snow, people were forced to baskets, which made aisle arteries much less clogged.  The produce, meat and bread sections were completely hollowed out as were the sandwich meats, chips, pasta and pasta sauce.  On our way out, we asked the cashier how it had been prior to Friday’s storm.  She told us it was pandemonium. “It was like armageddon was coming and everyone needed to buy food, she said.   “It was totally crazy.”

    The neighborhood park, whose locale I used in watching and measuring the snowfall in my previous blog, Snowmageddon 2010 , was buried under at least two feet of snow with about six inches of it packed in and frozen into a thick sheet of ice.  The ground was level with the benches:

    Here’s my  neighborhood pic of the day (I like it that the sidewalks are cleared when the roads, on the other hand, clearly are not):


    More News:

    NASA recently published satellite photos of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard during the snow storm.  Even from space, it was a winter wonderland!  (Photo taken from: Heavy Snow around U.S. Capital )


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    1. Jess said, on February 8, 2010 at 4:02 PM

      wow Steph. Great post! That’s insane!

    2. theblogsupreme said, on February 10, 2010 at 4:32 PM

      I posted up a couple videos of the snow storm we got here in Pittsburgh, PA. Snowpocalypse has been incredible to deal with!

      Video 1:

      Video 2:

      I hope you’re done shoveling yourself out!

      Best Wishes,


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