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Dubstep Funnies FTW!

Posted in Audio, LOL, MuSaK by msdisdain on April 24, 2010

Two of the funniest videos came my way this week, and while I’m sure these are oldies but goodies, I had to put them out there:

#1:  How To Dance To Dubstep

#2:  Dubstep v. Parakeet

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the beat right here:

Posted in Audio, MuSaK by msdisdain on January 31, 2010

Team Translation

Posted in Audio, MuSaK, Scene, TRNSL by msdisdain on November 10, 2009

Brought to you by Honolulu’s own (and awesome) photog! Check out: for more pics from some of Honolulu’s better night life!

Hawaii, the haps and Subphonix

Posted in Audio, MuSaK, Scene, travel, TRNSL by msdisdain on November 5, 2009

I’m going to Hawaii the day after tomorrow. I’m excited. So excited to feel the familiar vibe, energy so strong, so brilliant and bewildering on my pores again. As much as I’m happy to venture, I can never stay away. Click your heels three times, Dorothy, and home I am. So if you’re in the area, as in on O’ahu, come and party with me. You can do so this Friday at one of the bestest monthlys Honolulu has to over:

First Fridays and Subphonix, the November09 edition, thrown by the excellent Pacific Jungle crew. Featuring DJs Toki, Zecha, MC Enemy and my very own Rogue State, not only will this nite be filled with awesome DNB, but I’m expecting good company, ultra-good vibes, enlightening bliss and celebratory madness.

See you this Friday:

What Made the 80s

Posted in Audio, hmmm, Random?, Scene by msdisdain on November 2, 2009

Saw Michael Jackson’s This Is It last night (pause) a moment of silent for the King (end pause) and broke out all the gold from the treasure chest, songs from the Jackson 5, more from the late 80s & early 90s like We’ve Got a Good Thing Going and Lady in My Life . So much has been sampled from Michael Jackson be it in beats or in dance, and for some reason, while off topic and on a distant tangent, as usual, we came across this clip from Breakin’ and decided that this is why living in the 80s was bomb-tastic:

And of course, we had to add the rebuttal:

Splenda 10/6/09

Posted in Audio, Scene, TRNSL by msdisdain on October 7, 2009

Last night, we went out to way-the-fuck-out-there Sterling, Virginia and were surprised to find tucked in the third strip mall in the middle of nowhere, a lovely lounge called Zaaza. Rogue State spun with fellow comrades Insulin, Locks and ODJ filling the lounge with big bass, sexy tunes with room for dancefloor rollers. It was lovely to hear drum n’ bass played out late on a Tuesday night in nowhere, VA, who knew? All these pleasant surprises. The turnout was definitely full of vibe and energy. Much respect to all those who came out!!!

I spent most of my time sitting by myself across the DJ booth. I go out just to hear good music. Serendipitously ran into a friend: CJ WEAVER who came out to see Rogue State play – much respect to you, for coming out homie! You can check his guest_dj spot: Translation Sound ft. CJ Weaver live on bassdrive 10/5/09 (this past Monday) at! Should have the audio up real soon on that one. Got some special love on that set from a bunch of peeps across the world – big.

As for icing on the cake DJs were backed live with musical accompaniment by one truly inspired space cadet on the congas.

Much respect to Tim Insulin for having us out.
A good reminder to folks playing out on Serato: it’s a BITCH to set up. Our bad.

My apologies for not capturing photos of Locks; he played late for a lame dorky girl like me who had to go home and sleep in time for work in the early AM.

Sending the good vibe.


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Translation Recordings.

Posted in Audio, TRNSL by msdisdain on September 4, 2008

Been busy helping out with the newest release on my homeboy Brian a.k.a. Rogue State (USA)’s drum n bass label Translation Recordings.  Slated for an early October release, TRNSLDIGI002 features the ominous undulations of Ivan Sotirov a.k.a. Thought, hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria.  DJ Bailey dropped Thought’s Protest Songs (TRNSLDIGI002b) into the mix on BBC’s 1xtra show (visit for a clip from that show) and so far this release has received some pretty awesome vibes from around the drumnbass community.  Clips of the release can be heard at Translation’s website (www. or at Translations myspace (  The 320s will be up for purchase and download on Juno, Digital Tunes and the Translation webstore on Oct 3, 2008.


a. Cultigen
b. Protest Songs

Written & Produced by I. Sotirov

Cat. #: TRNSLDIGI002
Release Date: October 3, 2008
Distribution:,, and
Format: .wav & .mp3
Translation Recordings’ second digital-exclusive release featuring the epic and ominous vibes of Thought from Bulgaria. Breaking away from his typically harder-edged and techy sound, Thought delivers a slice of post-apocalyptic bliss, seamlessly blending tribal percussive elements, melancholy strings, cinematic vocals, and his signature pan flute solos. Thought opens “Cultigen” with an eerie melange of orchestral strings, and tribal instrumentation that descends to a militant-kick-sub combination punctuated by congas that maintains the overall candence. Flip to “Protest Songs,'” which is arguably the more melodic of the two, for a similar urgency with rich industrial percussion, layered congas, unforgiving kicks, and haunting cinematic samples driven by a frantic lead that is guaranteed to unleash chaos on the dancefloor.

Massive tunes coming from Thought and from Translation Recordings, check out the website: