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Way Better Than Kung Fu Panda…

Posted in LOL, Random? by msdisdain on May 26, 2010

Just watch.  This made my morning.

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Liquid Mountaineering aka Walking On Water

Posted in hmmm, link, Random? by msdisdain on May 8, 2010

With a wooden statue of Jesus swaying back and forth from the rear-view mirror of their car, these guys amazed me in their dedication and ability to walk (well, run) on water:

For more info, vids et al, check out:

No More Mr. Brown Eye – Canine Anus Covers ftw?

Posted in LOL, News, Random? by msdisdain on March 27, 2010

The Week reported in its latest issue that “Modest dog owners are buying a product called Rear Gear – a decorative cover for a pet’s unsightly anus. Retailing for $5 under the slogan “No More Mr. Brown Eye,” the Rear Gear dangles from the base of a dog’s tail, obscuring the anus, and is available in a variety of designs, including a flower, a heart, and a sheriff’s badge.”

I did a little interweb digging myself and found more links to confirm the market for unsightly canine anus covers:



“Is your pet feeling left in the dirt because of his/her unsightly rear? I’ve got them covered… Rear Gear is handmade in Portland, OR and offers a cheerful solution to be-rid your favorite pet’s un-manicured back side.”

“While we love our pets dearly for their companionship and free spirits, we have to admit that they could work on their hygiene, not to mention their sense of shame. Some cats and dogs seem almost proud of their backside, always putting it up in your face as you scratch their back. Obviously little pants wouldn’t be practical, but Rear Gear Butt Covers do the trick by dangling in front of the bits you’d rather not see. They come in designs like fuzzy dice, cupcake, number one ribbon, biohazard symbol and more. Sure, butt covers are among the weirder pet products out there, but with a slogan like “No more Mr. Brown eye” we can totally get behind them.”

Quote of the Day: “Now, if they could keep my dog from wiping her ass on the carpet.”

In Case You Wanted Mexicasian

Posted in fail, LOL, Random? by msdisdain on December 6, 2009

(note: apparently, this is a Filipino food store)

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Attention christmas gift givers:

Posted in LOL, Random?, status update by msdisdain on November 30, 2009

Attention christmas gift givers, knitting fans, hipsters and perpetual contrarians:  If you see this at a thrift shop or art gallery, shake your head slowly to display public disdain, smile on the inside, feel slight shame, and then proceed to buy it.

I know I would’ve bought it had I not been in DC super late that night.

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What Made the 80s

Posted in Audio, hmmm, Random?, Scene by msdisdain on November 2, 2009

Saw Michael Jackson’s This Is It last night (pause) a moment of silent for the King (end pause) and broke out all the gold from the treasure chest, songs from the Jackson 5, more from the late 80s & early 90s like We’ve Got a Good Thing Going and Lady in My Life . So much has been sampled from Michael Jackson be it in beats or in dance, and for some reason, while off topic and on a distant tangent, as usual, we came across this clip from Breakin’ and decided that this is why living in the 80s was bomb-tastic:

And of course, we had to add the rebuttal:

Vanity Fail

Posted in LOL, Random? by msdisdain on November 2, 2009

Spotted in the parking lot of Ballston Mall in Arlington, Virginia, this beat up  POS-car (link) has a vanity plate screaming “I’m the DJ’ and I need to stop pretending I’m making that music all by myself.”

Using Your Kid for Creative Development

Posted in HIGH5, MuSaK, Random? by msdisdain on October 20, 2009

in-flight wi-fi: what am i paying for?

Posted in Perks, Random?, travel by msdisdain on October 12, 2009

current altitude: 34,395 FT
current speed: 418MPH
current outdoor temperature: -55F
distance to go: 2,622 miles
current mood: wired from that airport latte; transcontinental with wi-fi!

all the mind-blowing, world-changing and revolutionizing things i have done with said wi-fi:
1. bask in glory that i has interwebs at 34,000 ft
2. chat with people, basking in glory that i has interwebs at 34,000 ft.
3. surf news networks only to hear nothing but more bad news
4. update fb and twitter about a) how my toes are cold b) how airplane bathrooms are gross and c) see 1
5. upload mobile photos of this assbackwards airbus:

6. wonder if i can sneak my computer into the bathroom where the only power terminal is to recharge.
7. gross out at the idea of sneaking into the bathroom where the only power terminal is to recharge.
Virgin America:

1. in-flight wi-fi at a decent price.
2. club lighting with friendly club bouncers (i mean, flight attendants)
3. replaced lighbulbs – pinks and purples flooding the plane
4. the lead flight attendant introduced the other as “hot mama-rina”
5. you order everything online and it’s instantly delivered to you (hot tea, coffee, food etc)
1. replaced lightbulbs – pinks and purples flooding the plane. “it’s too girly” -gay couple sitting next to me
2.  everything on Virgin is an advertisement for something else.
3. because this appears to be a club, men show no shame in hollering at the flight attendants (aka “mama-rina”)
4. once the lights go out it looks like an ordinary plane
5. you can’t just ask the flight attendant for a cup of tea. she’ll tell you to order it. even though you just did.
5a. you still have to ask the flight attendant for non-sugar sweetener. and then she tells you there’s a button on the computer to order non-sugar sweetener. only there isn’t.

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Sadface en route

Posted in LOL, Random? by msdisdain on October 8, 2009

When my commute looks like this after two offloaded trains and a sick chick, I am le sad.

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