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Dear HP, Say Hello To My Little Friend…

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Subphonix | Honolulu, HI | 4 June 2010

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Coming back to the islands for a minute. Monsieur le Rogue State decided he’s gonna be a stow away and show up with me. And oh, look, he’s headlining Subphonix, Honolulu’s best month drum ‘n bass night with some of the best people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Come join us:


BillyZane (Pacific Jungle, HNL)

MECH (Audiolab, HNL)

Rogue State (Translation Recordings, Bassdrive, DC)


Mercury Bar, Chaplain Lane, Honolulu, Hawai’i


4 June 2010

I need a vacation. Let’s do this… 🙂 See you soon 808!

Much love always to the Pacific Jungle crew.

Don’t forget to check out Billy Zane’s guest mix for Translation Sound , which aired on Bassdrive on 9 November 2009. Killer set!

OH, by the way:  He’sof the multi-tasking sort  and  takes some of the best photos. Check him out at

Way Better Than Kung Fu Panda…

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Just watch.  This made my morning.

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Never Honk at Grandma

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If only this happened (often) in my neck of the woods:

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Greyson Chance sings Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

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And does a better job at it than she does.  I’m sure this kid has a girlfriend (or three) by now.  It’s at 12+ million youtube views after only a few days.  I actually hated Paparazzi but now I can’t get enough of it.  Thanks little dude.  I mostly got a kick out of the girls in the background whose mouths were continuously dropped.  I bet they all reached puberty that day:

The kicker:  “In my opinion he just taught Lady Gaga a lesson.”

Greyson Chance sings Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

Cullman Liquidation – Epically Honest (LOL)

Posted in LOL by msdisdain on May 15, 2010

“So come on down to Cullman Liquidation and get yourself a home.  Or dont.  I don’t care.”

Liquid Mountaineering aka Walking On Water

Posted in hmmm, link, Random? by msdisdain on May 8, 2010

With a wooden statue of Jesus swaying back and forth from the rear-view mirror of their car, these guys amazed me in their dedication and ability to walk (well, run) on water:

For more info, vids et al, check out:

Darth Vader meets GPS

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Dubstep Funnies FTW!

Posted in Audio, LOL, MuSaK by msdisdain on April 24, 2010

Two of the funniest videos came my way this week, and while I’m sure these are oldies but goodies, I had to put them out there:

#1:  How To Dance To Dubstep

#2:  Dubstep v. Parakeet

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This, the 20th of April 2010

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Happy Holidays & Happy Birthday Me.  That is all.  Celebrate green & remember why you’re here.  If you don’t know about that last part, it might be a good idea to stop and ask yourself.


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