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Happy DJ, You Are Your Own Party!

Posted in LOL, MuSaK by msdisdain on July 19, 2010

The happiest fucking DJ I have ever seen…

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DJ vs iPad

Posted in geeksquad, link, News by msdisdain on March 31, 2010

I’m going to keep this one short:

Looking for another reason to buy the iPad?  Well Apple and third party apps are!  Presenting, a new way for the hipster to meet the nerd – the iPad Mixer DJ App.  Apparently this app emulates two turntables and a mixer playing mp3s much like Serato does.  Is it the real thing, though?  Doubtful, but nonetheless pretty rad.  Apparently, the mixer can also be loaded with effects for mixing including auto filter, delay, bitcrusher and chorus/flanger.

According to developers, “[The] Mixrs turntables look and feel just like the real thing” boasting seamless transition, perfect precision and easy-to-do beat-matching.  Calling the mixing quality “professional,” developers also made the mixes recordable on the iPad.  So, are you any more convinced to buy this?

Developers put out an informational vid:

Check it out for yourself at:

Not sure about buying the iPad? Watch these videos:

CNET presents Reasons you should buy an iPad and Reasons NOT to get the iPad Video

PS:  Whomever the designer was, he sho likes drum ‘n bass!!

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Vanity Fail

Posted in LOL, Random? by msdisdain on November 2, 2009

Spotted in the parking lot of Ballston Mall in Arlington, Virginia, this beat up  POS-car (link) has a vanity plate screaming “I’m the DJ’ and I need to stop pretending I’m making that music all by myself.”