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Splenda 10/6/09

Posted in Audio, Scene, TRNSL by msdisdain on October 7, 2009

Last night, we went out to way-the-fuck-out-there Sterling, Virginia and were surprised to find tucked in the third strip mall in the middle of nowhere, a lovely lounge called Zaaza. Rogue State spun with fellow comrades Insulin, Locks and ODJ filling the lounge with big bass, sexy tunes with room for dancefloor rollers. It was lovely to hear drum n’ bass played out late on a Tuesday night in nowhere, VA, who knew? All these pleasant surprises. The turnout was definitely full of vibe and energy. Much respect to all those who came out!!!

I spent most of my time sitting by myself across the DJ booth. I go out just to hear good music. Serendipitously ran into a friend: CJ WEAVER who came out to see Rogue State play – much respect to you, for coming out homie! You can check his guest_dj spot: Translation Sound ft. CJ Weaver live on bassdrive 10/5/09 (this past Monday) at! Should have the audio up real soon on that one. Got some special love on that set from a bunch of peeps across the world – big.

As for icing on the cake DJs were backed live with musical accompaniment by one truly inspired space cadet on the congas.

Much respect to Tim Insulin for having us out.
A good reminder to folks playing out on Serato: it’s a BITCH to set up. Our bad.

My apologies for not capturing photos of Locks; he played late for a lame dorky girl like me who had to go home and sleep in time for work in the early AM.

Sending the good vibe.


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